Amrish Puri Biography

Amrish Puri (22 June 1932 – 11 January 2005)

Amrish is a very famous Indian actor. He has done a very important job in Indian cinema and theater. Great actor like Amrish Puri was quite famous as a villain in the Indian film industry.


Amrish Puri Biography

Amrishlal Puri was born on 22 June 1932 in Nawan‐shahar. His father’s name was Lalanihal Chand and mother’s name was Ved Kaur. Amrish Puri completed his studies degree in KBM College Himachal Pradesh (India). He has worked in more than 400 films from 1967 to 2005. He married Urmila Diwekar on 5 January 1957 in the Shri Krishna Temple of Wadala. Amrish was very fond of collecting hats. Whenever he went abroad, he used to bring one or two hats together. He has collected more than 200 hats from the whole world.

He is one of the most successful villains in Indian Cinema. Both his elder brothers Madan Puri and Chaman Puri were well-known villains in the bollywood films. Amrish came to Mumbai only after seeing both of them. He had failed in his first screen test, so he started working in the Insurance Corporation State Employee of the Labor and Employment Ministry. Along with his work, he used to work in the drama of Satyadev Dubey in Prithvi Theater.

After all he had become a good stage actor and he got the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 1979. After his success, he got an opportunity to work in television and, finally, when he was 40, he got an opportunity to work in films too. 

On his 87th birthday 22 June 2019 Google honored him by placing Amrish Puri’s picture in Google Doodle.

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